December 28, 2011

3285 Days of Us

it's our Savvyversary!
(too much? i love smooshing words together!)
(which my friend brandon would remind me is a "portmanteu.")

it's our 9 year anniversay!
last year i rolled out a new page for our anniversary, all about our story
this year, bern and i will be off celebrating in town. 
doing something crazy called "eating food while it is still warm."
and "watching a movie that is not PG, and during which i can hear the dialogue."
specifically, we are going to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. 
we are all sappy like that. 
(actually, we are. but my sweet husband really loves me and knows how much i've been waiting for this too come out after plowing through the books. bless his heart.)
i guess it's better than the year we saw P.S. I Love You for v-day, not knowing it was not entirely a feel-good movie. 
anyway, so that bern and i can enjoy the day together, i am putting up a very early post!

a very Happy Anniversary to my sweet boy. 
who, when the reverend for our wedding made a reference to him choosing me of "all the women in the world," recalls thinking a quick string of thoughts about the fact that he really hadn't been searching in that wide a pool. 
but with him being from Ohio and me from California, we feel we have a good portion of the continental US covered. :) 

in celebration, i am finally adding a new page to the site. 
here's a sneak peek below!

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