December 29, 2011

wants vs. needs

we often talk to the boys about the difference between "needs" and "wants." 
you may want a brand new toy, or the ability to fly, but you don't necessarily need these to function. 
at least not as a human. 

the other day, after eating lunch at a restaurant, anth leaned over to me. 
"mom, those nachos were REALLY spicy. i think i NEED some G-U-M."
after getting within range of him, i kind of had to agree. 
at least to myself. 

ben, hearing this exchange, immediately demanded, "i NEED G-U-M, too!"
then he leaned across the table to whisper, "momma, what's a G-U-M?"

peer pressure. 
with a dash of keeping up with the jonses.
it starts early.

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