January 12, 2012

Ben MD

tonight, i had the opportunity to collaborate with a colleague to present a StrengthsQuest workshop to some of Ohio State's PharmD students.
i got home a bit later than usual as a result, and the boys were done with dinner and just about ready for bath time.
after i hung up the phone with a friend i don't call nearly enough, i headed into the kitchen.
benny walked in behind me, and wandered into the bathroom to get some toilet paper to blow his nose.
(note: there are approximately 5 boxes of tissues in various locations on the same level of the house.)

bern and i took a good long look at benny's eyes and thought that he might be developing more than the sniffles.
bern walked in to ask benny if he wanted to take some medicine for his cold before bed.
benny, of course, declined.
"no, dad. i don't have a cold. i'm just sick in my snot parts."

and that was when we knew we had a future doctor in our midst.

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