January 16, 2012

things that are impossible

this morning, i was upstairs looking for split pea soup recipes, and bern was in the basement with the boys. 
ben suddenly came flying through the basement door, grabbed a blanket from the couch, and started building a tent. 
this mainly involves stretching a tent from our couch to our coffee table.
"hurry, mommy! put a book on the blanket so it won't fall down!"
i put a book on one side of the blanket, and a binder on the other. 
then i leaned down and asked benny what he was doing. 
"i'm building a tent to hide."
"what are you hiding from, benny?"
"the Impossible Man!"

i wandered downstairs to see what was going on. 
apparently, anth had told benny about the Invisible Man. 
we tried to explain the difference.
benny would have none of it. 
"no, mommy. i have to hide from him. HE. IS. IMPOSSIBLE!"

only one of many times those last three words have been uttered on this planet. 

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