January 27, 2012

he's got the moves like Vader

last night, i shared a (larger) version of this picture.
anth drew this in class last fall.
and i buried it in a pile of things-to-do-someday.
i recently found it while looking for some other thing to do.
(mind you, i forgot what that was once when i found this, so go me.)

this drawing reminded me of a story that Kelsey told me recently.
if you don't remember, Kelsey one of a handful of students who have that special spot that being both an RA/RM and Off The Lake member can earn them.
and, she happens to babysit my little men on occasion.
and has previously received a lesson in proper fasion terminology from anth.
she and her sister were over babysitting.
and anth asked them to come down to the basement.
here, he picked up his lightsaber and turned it on.
kelsey instinctively grabbed the other light saber and turned it on.
she held it out at him, ready to engage in the typical Darth Vader/Luke scene.

anth, being anth, would have none of it.
he immediately looked at kelsey as thought she had three heads, and asked her and her sister to take a seat on the couch.
"i think it will be better, and safer, if we just took turns showing off our light saber moves. i'll go first."
he then made his way over to our light switch at the bottom of the basement stairs and slid down both sides, dimming the entire basement.
he then took his place in the middle of the floor, facing his babysitting team.
he put his saber up in the air.
and then, with anth's usual intensity, he gave them his most sincere combination of "cool light saber moves" he could muster.

this from the kid who tells me he will never be on stage. 

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