February 10, 2012

fail photo 50: what we know about dragons

points to clarify:

#1 -  this might not actually be the 50th fail photo.
i lost track somewhere in the 40's and decided to just start with an even number.
which means we will likely be to 60 in no time when i lose track again.

#2 - i have been sick.
i am going to blame the codeine for the fact that i forgot i was supposed to be in the middle of a series on monsters when i posted about shoes last night.

we're back...
to monsters that is.
i recently shared that benny's class has been working on storytelling.
and is obsessed with monsters.
so, when i walked into his room recently, and saw this on the door, i thought it was pretty cute:

it was titled, "What We Know About Dragons."
by and large, i would say it is what most of us would say they know about dragons.
i think we would all agree that they are rather dangerous, have really sharp teeth that can bite you, and can blow fire out of their noses.
more surprising?
i was not aware that the diet of the average dragon included turkeys and polar bears.

but, my favorite thing that ben's class knows about dragons was a stand alone item.
i am thinking that, to the average three-year-old, having just conceded that dragons can burn you, bite you, and eat animals 10 times your size, it would probably feel pretty important to clarify that said creatures do not, in fact, "live in Columbus."
Cleveland, however. . .

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