February 7, 2012

a note from ben's teacher

recently, the kids in ben's class have developed a small obsession with the book Where The Wild Things Are.
apparently, they have found an old version of it on tape and the kids are listening to it on repeat whenever allowed.
bless their teachers.
i can't help thinking of my first year at UC Irvine, and my RA Jenn, when i see this book, as it was the theme for our hall that year.

anyway, this is the first of three "from the classroom stories" this week.
this one came over email straight from one of ben's two teachers.

Hi there,
I’m sure you have a million adorable moments with Ben, but this was a fun conversation that shows just how caring he is, even as a 3 year old…

Ben: Hey Devan, can you read this book?
Devan: What book is it?
Ben: Where the Wild Things Are.
Devan: The monsters in that book are kind of scary.
Ben: Will these guys give you nightmares if you read it?
Devan: Maybe.
Ben: You better not read it then, I don’t want  you to be scared and have nightmares.
(He was so sincere and cute during all of this)

A few minutes later he came to me and asked me to read it, but prior to opening the book it he asked if I would have nightmares too. I responded no and he was happy to have me read the book to him. It was just a wonderful Ben moment I thought I should share. Have a wonderful afternoon and weekend!!!

i love that his teacher takes the time to send these little moments along.
it makes for a nice giggle in the middle of the work day.
two more posts to come on the topic of monsters in the classroom.
sans the wholesome cuteness.

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