February 6, 2012

sitter stories - part 3

i don't know if this is really the third sitter story i have posted.
but, i feel like i post them here and there and should start keeping track.
really, i should call them Kelsey stories, because they usually happen while she is watching the boys.
ascots and lightsaber shows and all.

bern and i went to watch the OSU v Michigan State men's hockey game on Friday night along with some of my colleagues on USAC.
anth and benny went to hang out with Kelsey and her boyfriend Zac at his place.
seeing as she is a Resident Advisor, her four walls are a bit limited for an evening with the boys.
they watched Thumbelina and The Secret of Nimh (one of my childhood favorites) on Netflix.
and, more importantly, they made brownies.
kelsey thought the brownie-making would be fun for the boys.
they usually enjoy baking.
but, that night, they were so riveted by the new movie that they suggested she go and make the brownies and bring the bowl into the living room for them to help stir.
they can be highly gracious guests when they want to be.

after an evening beginning with our usual we-have-to-get-the-kids-right-after-work-and-get-them-straight-to-a-sitter-stat Happy Meal, i received the following text from Kelsey:

at a certain point in the day in our house, we enforce the healthy snack rule.
however, i can't think of the last time that this involved vegetables.
usually it's a fruit or cheese kind of affair.
mainly, i was curious what a "little vegetables" snack would be.
so, i asked.

benny informed me that a "little vegetables" snack would be broccoli.
with pretzels.

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