February 5, 2012

while i was out

i am totally blogging during the Super Bowl.
i fully admit that i am only in it for the commercials.
and snacks.
and the fact that it means the new show Smash will be premiering soon.
this really should not suprise you from a girl who openly shares her love of musical theatre and women's gymnastics.

each night at bedtime, i "trace" ben's face.
this was something i remember my parents doing to me at bedtime as well. 
essentially, it means that i use my pointer finger to lightly make a circle around his face, then gently make my way around his eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth, ears, etc. 
i do this a few times until he is relaxed.

for a rather high-energy little nugget, ben very much enjoys this part of our nightly routine. 
he typically sleeps on side, but while it's time for tracing, he rolls over on his back to make all parts of his cute little face available. 

as i've mentioned, i was recently out at a conference for 5 days. 
i flew in too late to be a part of bedtime my first day back, but i was able to put the boys to bed the next night home. 
as i crawled in to tuck benny in after we both listened to anth read, ben leaned over and whispered in my ear, "mommy, i had to trace my own face while you were gone."
this tiny little sentence, and the mental image of my sweet little wild man quietly tracing his own face in the dark, made my heart melt. 
then, another whisper, "i love you more than lightbulbs and the earth."

kind of specific. 
but than you, benny. 
i think. 

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