March 6, 2012

Happy Benny Day!!!

today is our little man's 4th birthday.
although, when i asked him how being 4 felt this morning, he informed me that he was not, in fact, 4 yet.
because there has not been cake yet today.
(i could argue that he was, technically, 4 as of the wee hours of this morning, but that seemed like a poor use of my time.)
so, sometime this evening, benny will officially consider himself 4-years-old.

this weekend, anth played his last basketball game.
this is relevant to benny's birthday, i promise.
mainly because i uploaded the photos on my camera so that i had enough room on the card to document his last game.
and as pictures of valentine's and christmas trees flashed by the screen, i realized that i had not done this since last November.
this forced me to acknowledge how truly chaotic the last few months have been.
i used to do this every weekend, if not every time i took photos i was excited to put on the blog.

this then resulted in another problem.
i now have 800 photos i am excited about, but they are mostly dated.
(sadly, i have no qualms offering you our "all about Christmas" post in April. ho ho ho.)
so, benny's birthday seemed like the perfect day to share an excessive amount of absolutely random photos of our favorite 4-year old.
here is what ben has been up to the last 4 months.
in no particular order. . .

benny discovered he loves wearing mommy's hoodie.

while baking.

but was upset to find that we had let him traipse around the house all day in one sock.
benny was VERY excited to receive his Darth Vader christmas tree ornament.
sadly, it was this same excitement that quickly resulted in sadness, as he dropped it and shattered it while putting it on the tree.

making this much more sturdy ornament a new favorite. :)

benny has spent much time snuggling on the couch with anth.
and even more time telling his big brother to stop putting his feet on his head while snuggling on the couch.

for the first time, benny wrote his own Valentine's.
his was, truly, a labor of love.

benny loves to help me in the kitchen.

though it is sometimes a struggle.

he has recently been obsessed with watching Lady & The Tramp, A Bug's Life, Kung Fu Panda 2 and Madagascar.

he loves his new Darth Vader jammies.
though he struggled to look as tough as Mr. Vader in this picture.

he has been a lovely ear muff model.
(check out my dad trying to figure out why his 30-something daughter wanted these.)
he has spent a good deal of time wielding the powers of the Sword of Omens.
ThunderCats - HO!

he has enjoyed playing Jillian Michaels.

to Anthony's Bob Harper.
(no, they have not actually used the treadmill.)
(no, the treadmill is no longer floating in the middle of the room.)
(yes, we have since cleaned the basement.)

benny has gone to 6 of anthony's basketball games.
here he has spent the bulk of his time playing with mommy's phone.
and making repeated visits to the water fountain.
as such, mommy has not seen very much of said 6 basketball games.

he has continued his love of chapstick.
which i will never again let him get his hands on in the back seat of the car.

and, finally,  benny has made his way through approximately 3 boxes of Band-Aids. 
often applied to various parts of his face. 

now that it is Cake's to a very Happy Birthday to our sweet 4-year-old!!!!

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