March 12, 2012

this i believe. or at least anth does.

today, i stayed home with benny. 
he has pink eye. 
he has had a great deal of fun ordering around via his brother's walkie-talkies that Aunt Katie sent him for Christmas. 
most of the time, he was in a 2-3 foot range from me. 

aside from the perk of having a rare day with just benny, cooties and all, it also gave me a chance to finally install all of the fun work done by the lovely OSU student Kendall Hendricks to overhaul My Savvy Boys.
thank you SO MUCH, Kendall. 
i love it!
there is still more tweaking and adjustments to come as i figure out the side bar and signatures and other goodies. 
but i just couldn't wait any longer. 

it also gave me a minute to write this post that i've been meaning to for some time...
almost a year and a half ago, i did a post modeled after the "This I Believe" series on NPR. 
here it is, along with an explanation of the exercise.  
and here is the follow-up from October 2010. 
and here is part 3, from December 2010. 
anth was 5 years old when i did this. 
on April 11th, we will have a handsome little 7-year-old in our midst. 
it seemed like a good time to revisit and see what was going on in that head of his. 

i went to a conference in January, MMI, that reminded me of this exercise.
yep, it's mid-March. 
when i say i'm behind on life, i mean it. :) 
so, here is what our little big man believes, as of January 26, 2012: 

I Believe: 
   1. video games are fun. that is all.                                                                                            
          (this was quickly followed by, "i'm trying to be funny, just so you know.) then, 
   2. there needs to be more funniness. there's not enough of it in the world.
then, anth looked at me for a little while, and said, "i think i need you to give me some starters." 
so, i did....
this is what anth believes about the following:

reading - reading books are fun to find out what it lead you to in your mind. and seeing the pictures. 

family - there will always be love and playing in our family. and you should encourage your little brother. 

being a kid - being a kid is fun because you can pretty much do whatever you want. (pause) until grown ups lead you by example and teach you better stuff. 

how to treat people - you should treat people with our school's Golden Rule. (we have since explained that this exists beyond the walls of his school.) if you don't like it, don't do it to other people. 

love - love is something that you should always use. it's nice not to be mean. love creates a lot of goodness. 

laughing- making jokes is funny. like knock knock jokes. they create happiness. and sometimes they create healthiness because if you laugh for a minute, it creates health. 

teachers - teachers encourage you and help you learn. unless you don't listen. then they only get mad. 

anth  - i believe i am special because i'm great at art. i'm going to be an artist. 

yes, anth. 
you are special. 

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