March 14, 2012

update: cookie "carma"

just a note on parenting. 
or perhaps just being human. 
if you ARE going to be the kind of person who faces a Thin Mint shortage, and chooses to stash a roll in your car for work...
on a day that it is 78 degrees outside...
in march...
in ohio...

perhaps taking them out of the car when you get to work would be a good option. 
just maybe. 

unless, of course, you were hoping to enjoy a frozen Thin Mint log tonight. 
with your son.
you know. . . the one you were essentially hiding the cookies from in the first place. 
because, odds are, he will be the one to find the melted cookie roll in the car when you pick him up after daycare. 

just some points to ponder. 
clearly, this is all hypothetical. . .