March 13, 2012

another letter to benny - cookie crisis

those of you who have been reading My Savvy Boys for a while may remember this Letter to Benny from November 2010. 
it addressed a rather serious matter in our household:
halloween candy distribution. 

sadly, i once again find the need to issue a letter to our little man. 

Dearest Benjamin, 

You continue to be a great source of love, joy and large doses of giggling in my life. 
However, I find myself once again needing to address the changing tide of food distribution in our household. 

For years, there has been a clear divide of Girl Scout Cookie procurement and consumption in the Savarese pantry. 
The Do-Si-Dos and the Samoas were equal opportunity cookies. 
The Trefoils belonged specifically to you, your brother, and your father. 
This left the Thin Mints for mommy. 
Typically, mommy would shelve one box and freeze the other. 
Because, who knows when you will want a cookie chilled or at room temperature?
I sure don't. 
But, this never mattered.
Because they were mine. 

Yet, recently, while you were digging around in our freezer, you noticed my little stash of frozen treats. 
(Note to parents, give that Bottom Freezer Refrigerator a little more consideration. There was a reason they were originally built where the popsicles could reside out of reach.)
Not only did you find my frozen Thin Mints. 
You took it upon yourself to quickly grab one and shove it in your mouth. 
This behavior did not concern me all that much, as you had just finished dinner. 
I only took pause when you then proclaimed your love for "those little black cookies." 

Once again, i feel compelled to remind you that your brother once detested chocolate. 
Thanks to your convincing, he now regularly steals the Kit Kats and Reese's Cups. 
(although this is really your father's concern. my Almond Joys are still safe. well done.)

I specifically ordered 2 boxes of Thin Mints and 3 of Trefoils this year from your friend Alex. 
And, randomly, a box of Savannah Smiles, the new lemon-dusted shortbread cookie. 
It sounded oddly appealing at the time i placed our order. 
Already, our cupboard contains 1.2 boxes of Thin Mints and almost 3 full boxes of Trefoils. 
I have found myself seriously considering taking a roll of the Thin Mints to work. 
In fact, there may currently be one out in the car. 

Benjamin, we simply cannot live in a house where our cookie preferences ebb with the tide. 
Especially when that tide only comes in once a year. 
As such, please consider this letter your formal warning that i will be consulting with you next February, and holding you to your order. 
I will have you sign a Cookie Commitment, if i must. 

In the meantime, please consider a Savannah Smile or two. 

Thanks you for your attention to this matter, 

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