May 1, 2012

confessions of a raging hot mess


i find myself saying this more and more these days.
and i also hear the people around me saying it more and more often.
recently, someone asked me, "how do you stay so on top of things?"
and i laughed out loud.
here are a few highlights of me "being on top of things" from april:

- i texted a colleague/daycare parent the results of a medical test.
   instead of my husband.

- after wondering where my phone was all morning, and assuming i left it at home, i found   
   in my lunch bag.
   which was inside the fridge from 8-11:30.
   (amazingly, the iPhone takes well to being chilled.)

- more than once, i got home from work and realized that i had not completely finished 
   applying my makeup before leaving the house for the day.

note to colleagues: if i show up to work looking like a tribute to A Clockwork Orange, please tell me.
this is not my intention.

- i have no idea where my car is.
  this is not specific to april.
  on any given moment, unless i am leaving my home, when i go to hop into my car, it 
  requires great mental exercise to recall where, exactly, i should be heading.
  and i still find that i am in the wrong lot at times.

- my email inbox is disappointed with me.
   it sends me regular emails to say it is far too full and will no longer cooperate.
   in fact, i think it has moved beyond disappointed.
   my inbox judges me.
these are just a few random examples.
if i actually tried, i am sure i could offer up many more.
fortunately, i have a wonderful husband who reminds me that, sometimes, it simply can't all get done.
sometimes, we have to live with statements like "which laundry basket are the boys' jeans in?"
(hey. at least they're folded.)
because living out of laundry baskets means that we managed to take the boys on a bike ride, or work on writing the alphabet, or practice catching.

i know this doesn't have to do with hilarious things that the boys do.
trust me, they've done plenty of things recently.
i just need to write them down.
this is purely about the hilarious (depending on your vantage point) things i do as i try to wade my way through life.
because i've been thinking about the fact that many of us are running around trying to look like we "have it together."
when really, perfect isn't possible.
and, apparently, at least for me, not confusing my cell phone with cold cuts isn't even possible.
so i thought i would fess up and share a few of the things that make me feel like a walking disaster.
maybe if we all did that a little more, we would all know that we're doing our best.
and that maybe we're not the only family living out of laundry baskets this week.

this brought me back to a picture that the lovely Patrick Romero-Aldaz shared with our small group just after MMI in January.
it's a good reminder.
no matter how stunningly imperfect you are on any given day...

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  1. i love this post and i love you. you are a TREMENDOUS human being no matter what you forget/lose/misplace. I hope someday to be half as amazing as you are, krystyne. :) <3 Amber