April 30, 2012

mini bowling = mini heart attack

recently, benny went to his first "big boy birthday party."
his friend, Emory, turned four and had a party at a local place that combines an arcade, restaurant, and mini-bowling alley. 
sort of. 
in theory. 

because the whole enterprise, being made of really little lanes, and rather tiny pins and bowling balls was really cute. 
until benny picked up a bowling ball. 
and turned around and made this face. 
and i realized, oh crud. 
someone just gave benny savarese a bowling ball.

who's the kid who insists on placing his face inside the bowling ball return?
making mommy proud.  

as a parent, "someone else's child preparing to throw bowling ball at your child" really isn't an image you ever want to see. 

but, "your child doing victory dance?"
totally worth it. 

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