May 8, 2012

if communication is 80 percent non-verbal...

recently, ben has taken to threatening his friendship in exchange for whatever it is that he has decided he currently wants.

as in, "mommy, if you don't give me a Thin Mint, i'll never be your friend."

recently, at the end of bath time, i told anth it was time to get out.
sweet benjamin turned to me and said, "mommy, if you don't get me out first, i'll never be your friend."
(getting anything first is a high priority to ben right now.)

i told him something along the lines of, "benny, when you say that it makes me sad. can you please ask me that question more nicely?"

ben stood up.
tilted his head severely to the side.
and raised his voice an octave to say, "get me out or i'll never be your friend. please."
then blew me a kiss.

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