June 27, 2012

let's hear it for the boy!

note: tonight's Footloose-inspired post title was provided by none other than Bernie Savarese.
who knew?

i thoroughly loved last weekend.
on friday night, i went to see some of our Off The Lake alumni in the Imagine Productions version of Avenue Q.
it was a great night of catching up with old alum and seeing quality entertainment.

on saturday afternoon, we headed to anth's baseball game.
here, ben begged to play games on my phone and displayed his usual disinterest in anything actually related to baseball.
i slathered myself in SPF 50.
and lost my battle with the sun.
a new bottle of SPF 943 is in my future.
but, anth had an amazing game, and it's always amazing to see him be proud of himself.

that night, bern and i headed off to the Counting Crows concert.
we don't always love the same music.
(also? nothing says you have current taste in music quite like getting your tickets 1/2 price on Groupon...)
but we both love this band, and had a great night.
also: dear adam duritz, let's hang out.
you are on my "people i want to grab coffee and have interesting chats with" list.
along with several deceased authors.
a girl can dream.

sunday was a lazy day.
we played pop-o-matic trouble early in the day.
anth and i watched the Olympics diving trials (bless him for joining mommy in her love of the Olympics) and The Goblet of Fire as a part of our Anth & Mom 8-week Harry Potter Marathon.
to round out the day, all four of us played a game of Sorry.
aside from occasionally sticking his foot on the board and knocking over all of the pieces, ben is finally able to actually play a whole board game with us.
i love it.
for the last week, benny has regularly come in first on the games we have played.
anth has generally come in last.
you can guess how much he loves this.
last night, benny came in first.
bern came in second.
and, thank goodness, anth came in third.
i acknowledged that i had been beaten by all of the Savvy boys.
at which point anth jumped up, pointed at me, and declared, "that was payback for when you were younger!"
bern and i both had no idea what he meant.
anth clarified, "you know. for the three girls and one boy."
bernie laughed.
"are you talking about grandpa welch having three girls in the house?"
anth, "yes! this was revenge for grandpa having to be the only boy in the house!"

so, Pops.
your many years of living in a house full of estrogen have been avenged.
sorry you weren't here to enjoy it.

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