June 25, 2012

oh, chute...

yeah, i know the title leaves something do be desired. . .
i will change it and give naming rights to this post to someone with more brain power and a good suggestion.

this post is for Heather Casterline.
who facebooked me this morning to ask where My Savvy Boys was.
and reminded me that, in New Zealand, it is winter.
and folks end up spending their time doing things like looking for blog updates.
clearly, i am not holding up my end of the deal.
i am having a feeling that the year ahead might find me posting a whole heck of a lot less if the pace of life over the last month continues.
but, for my former Baker West resident, here you go.
another picture of benny.

recently, i walked into his classroom.
(unlike this morning, when i walked in with a package of cheese/peanut butter crackers, and realized approximately 1.2 seconds after i walked into the room that these were contraband due to allergies. i will allow you to pause for a moment to picture exactly how well ben took this information, and me pulling the crackers out of his death grip, and the scene that ensued. . .)

it was like that.

less recently, i walked into benny's classroom and saw that there was a fun new photo display on the walls. 
it included a large bulletin board covered in blue paper, with all of the kids parachuting across it. 
this, in and of itself, was entertaining. 
however, when i looked at it again about a week later, the kids had all contributed what they would say while parachuting. 
most of the kids were saying, "weeeeeee!!," or "hooray!!," or "ahhhhh!"
benjamin took a slightly more realistic stance on the potential outcome of parachuting via paper plate and string:

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  1. Yay, thank you! And I'm so excited to have a shout out. Better than winning an Oscar I tell you!! Your boys are so adorable :)