July 15, 2012

before they lived on top of our fridge. . .

the boys had lightsabers they were in love with.
actually, they are still in love with their lightsabers.
they are also in love with battling, intensely, with said sabers.
but, because bernie and i are more in love with our sons. . . and their faces. . . the lightsabers have been living on top of our fridge for the last month or so.
along with a Thor hammer and a Captain America shield.
they have come down a few times with the warning that they need to be "used nicely."
they have, each time, quickly landed back on the fridge.

tonight, we started the first day of Senior Staff training for our full-time and graduate level staff.
this is absolutely nutty to me, as we are usually doing this later in August, but the change from quarters to semesters at Ohio State is squishing our summer.
anyway, i've been working to catch up and try to prep for the week ahead tonight, and needed a brief distraction.
so, i opened up the old list of drafts and found this old post that i apparently never used.
all it has is a bunch of pictures of the boys messing around in the dark with their weapons of choice.
check out anthony.
the kid is intense.

that's all i'm good for tonight.
may the force be with you.

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