July 17, 2012

he's got the moves like...

the moves aren't exactly like Jagger's.
but benny definitely has some "new moves" these days.

in the last few weeks, ben has also developed an interest in watching So You Think You Can Dance along with Anth.
and, recently, much to my heart's sheer joy, he was watching the gymnastics trials along with the rest of us.
for the last few nights, this has resulted in a fun new evening routine:
1. bath time.
2. reading. and then,
3. dance party.
the dance party involves me/bern/anth sitting in the boys' room, and playing a song from our phone.
and then sitting back and enjoying watching benny put on a show.
his current version of dancing usually involves running in a circle around the room, spinning mid air, slightly falling on the landing, and doing his best to make it look like an intentional on-the-ground-spin.
(perhaps i should reconsider if this is the best timing for a high-energy activity in the night time routine...)
i would say that it is hilarious.
which it kind of is.
but, at the heart of it, it is absolutely precious.
he absolutely beams when he is done with his performance and is quite proud of himself.
love. love. love.

on the way in to work last week, he told me we need to watch more dance shows so he "can study more new moves."
clearly, i need to get him into a class.
(local people with suggestions, i'm all ears.)

sadly, i tried to take video last night, but i have so many pictures on my phone that i couldn't record.
but, i did find a few fun pictures to share in the meantime while i get myself together.

recently, ben was playing with some modeling clay.
together, we made a dragon.
here he is:

i sat down on the other side of the kitchen table, and told him i wanted to get another picture of what he could do.
at which point he did this:

perhaps i should be more clear as to which skill set i am trying to demonstrate when taking photos of him.
because here he is again, showing me what "he can do" on a bike:

clearly, this picture is mainly about his cycling abilities..
i will work to get video of an upcoming performance.
watch out, Nigel...

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