July 27, 2012

fail photo 60: SO EXCITED!

okay, first off, remember when i used to regularly post tragic photos on fridays?
and call it Fail Photo Friday?
yep. i kind of do, too.
partly, i haven't been doing this because the kids are getting older and i'm trying not to be terribly insensitive.
but, also, i haven't really been uploading pictures all that often.
or, even, remembering to bring my camera with me when i go somewhere.
as in, i literally have TWO PICTURE'S of anth's entire 1st grade baseball season.
both taken on my phone.
one of them does not actually include anthony.
but, that is for another post...

yesterday, i remembered that our favorite photographer, Priscilla, was kind enough to send us some of the less-than-awesome moments from our photo shoot last fall.
july seems like a great time to roll these out.
and, i am owning in advance that i will likely be really bad at posting between now and August 12th.
becuase the Olypmics start tonight!
so, if i can even muster up minimal attention to posting, you will be getting a series of the "fail photos" from last year's family photo shoot.
but i make no promises.
once again, my numbering of these leaves much to be desired.
seeing as there were two "55s" when i searched "fail photos" on my own blog, i decided, let's round up again.

i am really excited for the Olympics.
the last time they were on i had a 3-year-old and a 4-month-old.
so, let's be real, it's kind of been 8 years since i really remember watching them.
so far, this has been the prep list:

  • watch gymnastics trials with boys.  check
  • delete all unneccessary items in the DVR. check
  • set up DVR to record the opening ceremonies. check
  • upload NBC Olympics app to all iDevices. check
  • actually read the Martha Stewart Craft of the Day email, that i usually delete before reading, because who has time for this stuff?, titled"Olympics Viewing Party Ideas." check
  • forward email to friend Kyle who is also obsessively prepping for Olympics. check
  • confirm that i don't have time for this stuff, and promptly delete email.  check
  • enter entire men's and women's gymnastics schedule in Outlook. check
  • realize that the women's uneven bars event conflicts with the Welcome Session for Resident Advisor Training. check
  • briefly catch myself thinking, "but training happens every year. . ." check
  • buy Superbowlesque snacks for Opening Ceremonies. check
  • see a Groupon for gymnastics classes and immediately sign up benny for fall classes. check
  • immediately listen to ben complain about this decision. check
  • follow that up with listening to anth address the fact that he wants in on the gymnastics lessons. check
  • love anth even more than i had one minute prior to that chat. check
  • decide to worry about who goes to said classes later. check
  • become nostalgic about the 1984 movie "Nadia" that my parents taped onto VHS and i watched ALL THE TIME. check
  • search Amazon for said movie to see if it was available for purchase. check
  • find this:

  • immediately close Amazon. check
  • make a mental note to ask mom if she still has the VHS. check
  • realize i should probably go to bed. check.
i'm excited.
kind of like this:

see you in two weeks...

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  1. I love the movie Nadia!! I have a copy if you ever want to borrow it :)