August 21, 2012

fail photo: impatience

i am not the most patient person i know.
and i work a job in which i meet a lot of people. . .
i am exceptionally impatient when it comes to food.
and the aquiring of it.
especially when "snacky."
(note: i tend to feel "snacky" within 30 minutes of any given meal.)
bernie would tell you that my moments of snacky-inspired-impatience are often evident in the remnants of our food packaging in the house.
he would likely point you in the direction of several mangled plastic bags inside the cereal boxes in our pantry.
i tell him i can't help it.
(yes, i fully understand that this is a ridiculous statement.)
except, for this. . . 

i took this photo while my parents were in town in April.
after my mom got the boys a snack.
may i present Exhibit A:

it is clearly at least a LITTLE bit in the bloodline. . .

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