August 16, 2012

take. deep. breaths.

currently, i am working on a script about Columbus that our RA staff will use as they serve as "tour guides" for an upcoming major campus event.
those who know me well will find this entertaining because i am a giant homebody and not probably the best person to highlight all of the hidden gems of Columbus.
fortunately, i have been provided quality info from other people who explore the world on foot rather than via book.
but, it seems like a good time to take a 10 minute break to write something not about the Arena District or the Columbus Zoo.

it's been a wild few weeks.
between watching the Olympics at what literally felt like all hours of the day, and making our way through 5 weeks of training a variety of levels of staff in our department, and spending this week celebrating our staff here at Ohio State, my brain is a little bit mushy.
and...a shiny new set of incoming students arrives for Move-In day this sunday!
the cycle of campus life continues. :)

i truly love this time of year.
in terms of working on a college campus, it feels like spring for all of the renewal and growth and new energy it brings. 
yet, this time of year also tends to leave me feeling like i have 2.3 brain cells. 
and that is not necessarily to say that i feel that they are functioning.

maybe you feel this way, too.
maybe not.
either way, here is video.
it's benny.
teaching us one of his go-to relaxation methods he learned at school.

want to know more?
benny has also shared a demo on how to do "the pretzel" that i will share with you soon!
here's to another great move-in this weekend!

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