November 20, 2012

benny: on mirror lake jump night

it seems that me ending up in my office at some point on the evening leading up to Jump Night has become something of a tradition for My Savvy Boys.
if three years in a row can be called a tradition.
exhibit a: year one
exhibit b: year two

here goes on year three:
on our drive in to work/daycare this morning, benny asked why i was going to work tonight.
i explained to him that it was "Mirror Lake Jump Night" here at Ohio State.
as though my 4-year-old should know what this means.
not surprisingly, he didn't.

i encourage you to take a minute and just imagine how you would explain this event, should you be familiar with it, to a 4-year-old.
while driving.
needless to say, benny was having a hard time understanding how a bunch of "big kids" would end up in the lake that, to him, is where you go to visit ducks.
while holding an adult's hand.

mirror lake really is one that is best explained via visual imagery.
so, i pulled up a video on my phone and showed him a little bit.
a very little bit.
mainly because it seems to quickly be heading in the direction of a video i don't imagine most parents sit around showing their children.
as in, most videos that you can neither listen to (swearing) nor look at (lack of clothing), turn out to be less than useful as instructional tools.

benny's observations on the video?

"why are these kids not wearing swimming suits to the pool?"
" why is there a shark in the water?"
" these kids are not listening to their teacher."
" i do not like this idea."

Dear Benjamin,

i write this down because i'm holding you to it.

Mom/Residence Life Professional

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