November 22, 2011

diving right in

it is once again Mirror Lake Jump Night here at Ohio State.
on my end, this night involves being on campus, usually from about 10pm to 1 or 2am, to help support my staff who working to keep our students safe.
more specifically, it involves me hoping that all of our students come out of the experience safe and sound.
i wrote about this in more detail last year on the night after the jump

perhaps, after a night of observing, i will have more to add to this list tomorrow.
perhaps not.
when anth asked me to remind him what "jump night" was again today, i did. 
he asked, "don't they all know that that's just kind of gross? and could make them sick?"
(the answer? i assume yes. but most college students are not in the business of taking advice from 6-year-olds.)

anyway, on a night that is filled with a full spectrum of choices made by our students, i am choosing to share a video of one particular student who currently has my heart.
one of the lovely RAs i have worked with at OSU is Allison Gering.
she is currently in a class that has tasked her with meeting with a K-2nd(ish) grade student to do reading assessments.
we offered to share anth for the cause, and he has had fun doing his last two "tests" with her.
he has done really well.
too well, actually.
to the point that Allison left our house a looking a tad bit stressed because she didn't bring books that were hard enough.
she has her last appointment with anth tomorrow morning, and i told her i would see if i could find some reading materials that were more challenging for him.
i quickly realized that most of the books in his room were ones that he was now able to read.
so i grabbed the hardest one i could find.

but first, like the nerd that i am totally comfortable being, i asked him to wait while i got out my phone to record.
if he was going to be able to read this particular book, i wanted to be able to catch it on film.
so, here you go.

i don't think i did much to help allison, but i am so proud of my little man.

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