November 7, 2012

benny works the polls. . .

while i often highlight benny's more bizarre or "spirited" antics, he also has his equal share of precious traits. 
one of them is sharing. 
he is almost always willing to share what he has with you if he thinks it will make you happy. 
the kid will let you pick ANY piece of candy you want from his bowl of trick-or-treat goods.
(even i keep a handful of my favorite candies out of the bowl on my office desk for safe keeping.)
tonight, when i asked if i could have a Cheeto from his snack bag, he looked through it to find the "best crunchy one" for me. 

benny is also excellent at positive reinforcement. 
sometimes it comes in very genuine moments. 
("these pancakes are delicious, thanks for cooking for me daddy.")
sometimes it is absolutely random.
("good job throwing away your tissue, mommy.")
(i feel the need to note that i do not make a habit of not throwing away my tissues. thus the randomness of this moment of praise.)

i missed an election day gem yesterday. 
bern was trying to vote and get into the office for an 8am meeting, so we were down to the wire toward the end. 
when it was our turn, he grabbed benny and ran off to his "big computer."
my turn came next, and anth and i headed to the other side of the auditorium. 
benny, excited by the whole thing, was paying close attention to what bern was doing back there. 
on the equipment at our polling site, the stations provide you with an electronic confirmation of what you have chosen before you submit it officially. 
this looks like the ballot, with giant green check marks next to your candidates of choice. 

benny, seeing this confirmation sheet, excitedly shouted out, "good job, daddy! you got them all right!"
this brought quite the chuckle from the voters within earshot. 
fellow standing-in-liners, you are welcome.