November 6, 2012

in which the election makes benny cry. twice.

seems like a good day for a mid-day post.

about two weeks ago, our sweet little ball of energy, otherwise known as benny, started to cry at the kitchen table.
because he found out that 4-year-olds aren't able to vote.

normally, this time of year, the boys are watching TV and being inundated with toy commercials.
in turn, bern and I are inundated with requests to put the items in said commercials on their christmas lists.
benny, having been subjected to the same constant stream of policital ads as the adults living in Ohio, simply wanted the option to choose as well.
he felt he had the right to put one of the candidates on his christmas list, if you will.

(sidenote...being in a swing state + constant mailers + a child who can read but doesn't necessarily understand the nuances of politics = fascinating table conversation.)

so, back to the kitchen table.
benny did not take the 18-year-old age limit well.
thus, bern and i said he could come and help us vote.

benny was super cute waiting in line with daddy.
at this point, he was still pretty excited about the whole thing.
about 40 minutes later when we were waiting in the s-z line, he was much less enthused.
because he found out, after waiting in this line to get into the auditorium, that what was inside did not meet his expectations.
we found this out when, surrounded by a mob of humans (can we get some stantions for these lines, people?), ben loudly asked, "so where is Barack Obama, anyway?"

bernie took anth to see the President speak last spring.
ben was miffed that he was left out that day.
apparently he thought today was his turn.
needless to say, his patience with waiting in line went downhill for a bit.
until it was time to get behind the "big black computers" with daddy.

anth "helped" me and benny "helped" bern vote today.
anth also did the math and figured out he will be 19 and 1/2 when it is his turn.
bern and i are happy that he is exited for this.

benny was just excited that he also got a sticker out of the whole affair.
which, of course, he promptly ripped when trying to move it in the car.
but not before mom got her usual documentation.

anth's school is closed for the day because it is a polling location.
so, he was excited that the day also came with a trip to Panera in the morning.
(yes, i am eating a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast. role model of the year.)

after doing his civic duties, anth was excited for his next big step of the day.
picking his location for his lunch date with mom.
his choice?
i asked, "really?," because i just had it last weekend.
my ever-serious boy's response?
he busted out some "dance moves" and sang, a la Spice Girls, "I wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig ah."
in the Panera parking lot.
this is basically unheard of from him.
so guess what's he's getting for lunch?
chicken strips and texas toast.

all this to say.
vote today.
get your sticker.
or a cookie.
or maybe even some tasty chicken.
just vote.

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  1. You just made my day. :) Benny's smile clearly says "I just helped the world."