November 4, 2012


please excuse the totally false title of this post.
because these photos were 100% NOT taken on Halloween.
they were probably taken about a month in advance when the kids picked their costumes.
but, my sister texted from Kauai to tell me to put up some pictures, and i can't go disappointing Katie Mae, so here they are.

why mario and luigi this year?
1. because the boys love their games.
2. because, according to anth, "these are the perfect costume, because you know we're Italian, right?"

Dear Italy,
i apologize on behalf of my son for his assumption that Mario and Luigi are your official mascot.
i'll work on that.

anyway, i took the boys into the yard one sunny day about a month ago to get the "mail-home-in-time-for-halloween" photos.
the boys decided they wanted to get a "jump shot."
i now have approximately 452 pictures that look like this:

and this:

and this:
the keen observer will note that i do not have a shot that looks anything like both of my boys midair at the same time.
i'm not withholding said shot.
it simply doesn't exist.
$20 to the person who can coordinate my kids to make that happen.
instead, i have lots of shots that look like this:

my husband asked me why i had mario and luigi doing cheerleading poses.
($20 to bern if he can get them midair as well. it's fair game.)

ben couldn't stand the mustache.
there was much reapplying of said 'stache during our photo shoot.
(i say this as though it lasted more than 7 minutes)

note: mid-air jump is no more successful in front of a fence.
not sure why they thought it would be.
but it made for a good backdrop.
at this point we headed inside.

i told the boys, "do whatever you want for this last one."
this is what i got:

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