February 25, 2013

benny's short-lived role as a mommy blogger

tonight at the dinner table. . .

anth: mom! did you hear benny lying?!?
me: no?
benny: i didn't lie! i incorrected! 

how do you punish someone, while also celebrating their creativity? 

note: the boys are currently watching me write this. 
anth is leaning on the desk to my left.
benny is literally sitting behind me in the same chair, peeking over my shoulder. 
as though he can actually read. 
for the last 4 minutes, benny has been begging me to share the rest of the story. 
which i wasn't planning on doing. 

but. . . 
it's kind of their blog. 
so if he wants to offer some thoughts, who am i to stop him?

so, here is benny's big contribution:
"and then, ben tooted." 

note on the note: 
i just read this out loud to benny. 
he is upset. 
because, really, he wanted it to say, 
"and then, ben farted."

he didn't appreciated my editing. 
apparently, there is a reason i don't let a 4-year-old contribute to my blog. 
(well. at least not on purpose. . .)

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