February 26, 2013

i have the best kids. ever.

so, i'm clearly biased. 

let me explain. 
this year, anth helped bernie shop for me for valentine's day. 
they found me a series of teal office supplies covered in owls. 
i have a penchant for office supplies that is slightly unhealthy. 
and, after orange, teal is my favorite color. 
and, owls? 
i can't even begin to explain the obsession there. 
needless to say, there is an entire end-cap in Target just speaking to my heart. 
anth had a reason for each item. 
the pen case for my 483 millions pens. 
the weekly planner because i'm always trying to figure out our days. 
the note pad because it had paper and came with a pocket. 
(yes, i like pockets enough that my poor 2nd grader has noticed.)

also in the gift bag?
the movie soundtrack to Les Mis.
we saw it for our 10 year anniversary. 
since receiving this for valentine's day, i have had Les Mis in my head. 
bernie probably wishes he had gotten me one more office supply instead of the CD.
i've already apologized to most people around me. 

i've been listening to it in the car, and the boys have caught snippets of it. 
yesterday, anth was home with pink eye. 
and he asked me a question about one of the songs. 
so i started to explain. 
if you know the show, you know there is no quick explanation. 
for any of it. 

we started at the beginning. 
before each song, i walked him through the plot leading up to that point. 
and, like the gem that he is, he just sat there and listened intently to each song. 
and asked some really good questions. 
and caught portions i didn't even think to explain. 
like, why did the "poor kids" call Marius "rich" if he was one of them? 
we both agreed that singing and telling a story at the same time is a pretty cool thing. 

we made it through Bring Him Home before we had to stop to pick up ben. 
anth made me promise that we would finish the story. 
so, that's what i mean when i say i have the best kids ever. 
i couldn't have dreamed up a kid who wanted to sit and listen to musicals with me at age 7. 
so, perhaps what i really mean is that i have the best kids for me. 

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