May 16, 2013

3rd grade reenactment

today was the May Day performance in anth's elementary school.
for the second year in a row, bern and i were not able to attend due to work. 
anth was nonplussed. 

over dessert tonight, we asked him how it went. 
eventually, i asked him to sing his song for me. 
it was "Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me!" 
which, of course, i remembered from childhood and immediately started singing. 
anth immediately told me i was getting it all wrong. 
nothing like a little instant feedback. 

this eventually resulted in anthony teaching all of us how to sing the song. 
this included much hand drumming on the kitchen table. 
somehow, this evolved into him yelling, "alright everyone, i'm going to line you up!"
anth then moved the lesson to the living room floor and patiently went through each step of the choreography to teach us all the parts of the kids around him. 
his instructions included phrases such as, "then mom and i will sashay this way through the tunnel."
(yes, at this point, bern and benny were holding their arms in the air to form a rather low arch.)
anth maintained the slightly annoyed patience of a choreographer working with incompetents. 
but he kept at it, and, eventually, bernie and i not only saw the performance, but we saw it through his eyes. 
it was pretty wholesome
(this went on until benny ran away shouting, "now i have to pee!")

it was a perfect little moment at the end of a long day. 
amidst the chaos of this year, these are the moments when i tell my hyper little brain to stop planning and just live. 
because these beautiful little boys are only getting bigger. 
and i'm guessing there will be a time that dancing in the living room with mom won't be at the top of their agenda. 

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