August 8, 2013

buried in my office: banana muffins

just in case you don't read this whole post, please allow me to clarify. 
NO, i did NOT find muffins buried in my office. 

however, i did recently get a new job in student life here at Ohio State. 
while it will be strange shift away from the "Residence Life" part of my identity that i have held for the last 16 years, i am very excited for my new adventure at the Center for the Study of Student Life, where i will start on August 19th. 

while preparing for this move, i have found several fun things. 
some of them have included old bits of homework and class projects that made their way to my office instead of my house. 
like this one, from anth, who is rather non-committal in choosing his favorite muffin flavor. 
but clearly felt the need to at least have an opinion on record. . .

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