August 9, 2013

fail photo friday: one. nice. shot. . .

last friday, bernie and i took the day off of work.
we were home for the day because the boys were getting a surprise delivery.
a swingset. :)
anth had been complaining that we were only buying things for us for the new house. 
really exciting things. 
like curtain rods. 
and hooks. 
and mirrors. 
either way, mom and dad were getting all the "fun new stuff" and the kids just weren't. 
thankfully, bernie, my mom and i had cooked up a little surprise for them. 
it just required some (aka, LOTS) of assembly...

i took many lovely pictures of their return home that day on my "real" camera, but i haven't made the time to export those yet. 
so, here are a few i took on my phone a little while later. 
mind you, this is a fail photo post. . .

first, i said, "let's do a reenactment! what did you think when you saw the swingset?"
pretty accurate. . .

then, i made the impossible suggestion of, "let's get a cute shot of the two of you together."
silly me. 
here is the first one. . .

here is anth, reacting to the bunny ears. . .

and here is my littlest problem-solver, completely unphased. . .

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