August 27, 2013

my sister is a punk

if you have been reading My Savvy Boys for a while, you will know that i do not, in fact, find my sister to be a punk. 
as i've written about before, we welch girls must stick together. 
i am actually 15 kinds of excited because katie (forever known to me as "Katie Mae" due to a gift of a nickname bestowed upon her in 2001 by bernie) will be coming out to Ohio for a visit this year.
katie mae lives in kauai.
suffice it to say that neither of us manage the 6 hour time difference very well for phone calls. 
those are a basically minor miracle. 
but an in-person visit? 
that's a flat out act of (insert higher being, or whatever you see fit, here).

anyway, today katie mae sent me an email.
we were in the middle of a group project at work, so i didn't get to peek at it until later in the day. 
she did a photo shoot for a painting this week. 
here were a few pictures she sent me. . .

these are the reason i called my sister a punk. 
she is naturally beautiful (inside and out), has a lovely olive tone (with or without living in kauai), and these are the photos of her that exist on this earth when someone pulls out a camera and says, "just act like yourself."

alternately, i am pasty. 
and allergic to so many plants, i would have also been splotchy if attempting the same photo shoot. 
it's a good look.  
add a bug flying in my eye. 
because that would happen, too.
and, in my life, this is the kind of photo you can find me tagged in on Facebook.
because, apparently, this is what "just act like yourself" looks like for me:


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