September 12, 2013

LOL. Literally.

i have shared that i recently started a new job.
people keep asking me how it's going.

just so you know. . .
i'm loving it.
to put it in StrengthsQuest terms (because that's just the kind of gal i am), my Learner/Input/Intellection/Strategic strengths are totally nerding out and loving all the new information, ideas and experiences i've been taking in.
plus i'm surrounded by great people.

all in all, a great first few weeks.

along the way, i have been asked by my new colleagues to pitch in on the day to day tasks that make the machine that is the Center for the Study of Student Life work.
we deal with a lot of detail, so we serve as a second set of eyes for each other.

today, however, was different.
i was asked to help do the voice recording on a web module.
this basically involved a colleague and me in a "whisper room" recording studio reading off of a script about analyzing focus group data to complement a PowerPoint.
this may not sound very exciting.

let me tell you.
it was hilarious.

now, most folks who spend enough time with me know that i have a rather loud laugh at times.
today, however, i was given this gift:

the first line of recording is my colleague speaking her lines.
then there is me.
you can see that i am louder than her in general.
you can also  see the exact point at which i found something funny.
while recording a web training.
on focus group analysis.

BUT...for those of you who are currently thinking, "isn't this blog supposed to be about your kids?"
here is another tidbit.
from the car ride in this morning with benjamin.

benny had been a chatterbox half the way in to work.
then he was quiet for a few minutes.
"yeah, ben?"
"do you think we could get some cookies?"
i assumed he was talking about an event or for some purpose.
"for what?"
i glanced back in the rearview mirror.
(we were at a red light. hold your horses.)
benny tipped his head back and looked up at the car's ceiling.
the expression on his face said, why did i get a mother who clearly can't understand the simplest of concepts?

then, very clearly.
very slowly.
and very loudly.
as though to make up for my incompetence at large. . .

i laughed.
out loud.
(some might say, very loud.)

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