September 13, 2013

fail photo: not this year's holiday card

benny has declared that tonight is family movie night. 
we will be spending some quality time on the couch.
with popcorn. 
sweet for anth and daddy. 
salty for mom and benny. 
so much can be drawn from our popcorn preferences. . .

we will be watching epic
this was supposed to be a christmas gift.
but then benny went and got his hand shut in a door at school and needed stitches. 
(i will try to get bernie to ghost write the account of that urgent care visit...)
so he got the movie a little bit early when we needed him to calm down and sit still for a bit at home. 

all this to say...i'm going to go snuggle the boys on the couch, so i'm phoning it in tonight. 
and posting what is, of course, my favorite photo from the Buckeye Kickoff event. 
a fail photo. 
because i love me some hot mess caught on film.  

happy weekend, friends!

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