October 28, 2013

fail photo: buckeye salutations

in order for this particular post to make sense, please allow me to first provide a bit of context. 
if you are not familiar with the culture around Ohio State football, you may not recognize the gestures i am trying to capture below. 
but, one of the many Buckeye traditions is that sections of the stadium will chant the letters O-H-I-O, while that entire section of the stadium throws up their arms in the shape of that letter. 
simple, yet quite effective in person. 

as a spin-off, it is common for folks to take pictures with four people/3 people and a conveniently shaped object to make a human O-H-I-O. 
see one of our family photos from 2011:

there is an entire page on the OSU website dedicated to this phenomenon. 
here is a random one including complete strangers that i enjoy:

you get the point. 
so. . . when we were at the recent Buckeye Kickoff event in August, and we were practicing our cheers along with 7,000 first-year-students, i was excited to capture benny in the act, as i thought it would be a cute little 4-part-series to use somewhere in the house. 

and, cute it very well could have been. 
if i had not, apparently, gotten distracted somewhere along the way. . .




and. . . end scene. 
apparently, i forgot that there are 4 letters in "Ohio."
i find this particularly amusing, because i JUST came across this image and shared it with a friend today: 

before someone points out the SUPER obvious. . . 
i know that if i really wanted to cheat and repeat the "O," i totally could. 
but that would be kind of obvious. 
and would further emphasize my awesomeness.

so, instead, i have left myself with a lovely 3-shot series of benny. 
saying, "O, Hi."

so, friends. . .
from benny. 

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