October 23, 2013

FYI: i'm no fun

as it turns out, i, apparently, am no fun
the source of this data? 
mr. benjamin savarese. 

the topic of conversation that spurred this fun fact? 
how to decorate the house for halloween. 

this, per usual, happened in the drive on the way in to work. 
we passed a house that had been "TP'd."
(although, i must say, back in the day we were not so bold as to write "UAGS"...which i imagine stands for Upper Arlington Girls Soccer, or something to that effect...ON THE LAWN when we did such things. we thought we were, somehow, anonymous.)
anyway, we passed a corner house with lovely tall trees dripping in toilet paper. 
benny assessed their work. 
and promptly asked if we, too, could dress our house as a mummy for halloween. 

i, of course, declined. 
thus making me "no fun."

so, thank you, local teenagers, for helping my children find new ways to find me boring and utterly unreasonable. 
greatly appreciated. 

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha!!! You never think of it as dressing up a house as a mummy! In that case, I would like to add bat wings to my house so it can be a vampire bat this year! And if I recall correctly, you were quite a hoot in high school. Yet another great insight to the Savvy boys and their mummy...
    (Sapphire aka Mandy)