October 31, 2013

halloween 2013 - so. much. rain.

so, it's halloween. 
(in case you somehow missed that fact today. my blog is super helpful like that.)
unfortunately, someone forgot to send the memo to Mother Nature. 
if i was supposed to have done that, my apologies. 
i totally dropped the ball.

for a brief moment today, anth had decided that he didn't want to trick-or-treat this year. 
it would be far too wet and rainy, and, according to him, "i mean, you bought a bunch of candy anyway, mom. i can just have some of that, right?"
this child is far too logical for his own good. 
benny, of course, would have non of that reasonable nonsense. 
he was determined to wander around the new neighborhood and ask random strangers for candy, and no weather would stop him. 

so, our two little ninjas suited up. 
yes, that's right. 
two little ninjas. 
when we walked into the Halloween store, benny wanted to be Hawkeye. 
unfortunately, benny likes the not-mass-produced Avenger. 
so, when anth picked out a costume that looked appealing, benny declared that he wanted to be the same thing. 
bernie and i paused. 
and waited for the, "but i picked it first."
it was a Halloween miracle. 
not wanting the good will to pass, we quickly cashed out and left the store. 

we had a really fun Halloween, rain and all. 
benny enjoyed being a ninja at kindergarten. 
(sorry. a "stealth ninja.")
anth had fun being in the halloween parade at his new school. 
and mom and dad both enjoyed trick-or-treating tonight. 
bernie got to take the boys out and meet people like the extrovert he is. 
and my little introverted self enjoyed being able to meet people while sitting on my own front porch. 

but first. . . it was time to come home and humor mom with a outdoor-yet-under-cover photo shoot. 
normally i do this about two weeks ahead and mail cards. 
here's your card. 

backyard ninja. 
anthony actually had quite an impressive amount of poses for this costume. 
and, because i can't make up my mind/edit, here are 9 million (or 16) shots of our pre-candy-filled boys. 

unfortunately, i didn't notice that benny's mask was a little "Kilroy was here" at the time. 

we started out on the back porch. 
because nothing says, "we are tough" like sitting on an orange couch with floral pillows. 

so mommy took the show out front. 

 this is benny being "tough."

this is mommy's request for "show me your really tough eyes"

this is mommy's request for, "show me your smiling eyes."
not exactly, ben. 
this looks a little more, "show me your surgeon-asking-a-question-mid-procedure eyes."
i mean, i totally know what that looks like. 
i've watched both E.R. and Grey's Anatomy in their entirety. 

bernie, who is eternally helpful in these situations, requested that benny show us his "hungry eyes."
benny, not having an appreciation for Dirty Dancing/80's music references quite yes, gave us this. 
which was more of an "exasperation that i was granted these humans as parents" eyes. 

it seemed like a good time to give anth a turn. 

he required no prompting. 

mommy loves a close-up. 

i once again made the mistake of asking for "smiling eyes." 
which was just "frightening eyes."
mixed with "not looking in the right direction" eyes. 

there we go. 

Happy Halloween, friends!

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  1. Hungry Eyes - hands down the best one liner of this post! :)