April 17, 2014

fail photo extravaganza: my new career. . .

it's official. 
the next time someone asks me "what's next" in my career (which, by the way, is an awesome question for someone who basically switched careers 6 months ago), i have an answer. 

Dog Photographer. 

that's my next step. 
it has become painfully obvious that i'm a natural talent in this arena.
allow me to demonstrate through a series of high-quality phone photos:

here, i manage to capture his general sense of terror on the way home. 
because, clearly, it was my general hope to show how much my pup was horrified by the prospect of us being his new family.
winning from day one. . .

i'm not exactly sure what is happening here.
but rocky looks super pleased. 
i have a lifetime supply of these. 
turns out that dogs move even more than children.
this was an important moment to capture. 

rocky is a big Buckeye fan. 
this was totally supposed to be a picture of his back. . . 
i call this "unimpressed."
it's like the puppy version of McKayla Maroney.
this was going to be really cute. 
until rocky ate anthony's face. 

i also have a charming "tongue" series. . . 

and, a personal best. 
despite my seemingly best efforts to prove otherwise, i actually think i have a pretty cute dog. 
you'll just have to come see him yourself to verify. 

i would write more, but i'm off to work on my portfolio. . . 

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