October 24, 2014

goodbye, warmth.

it's november 19th. 
and there is snow on the ground in ohio. 
seems like a great time for a post about our summer trip to california. 
mainly to remind myself that there was warmth. 
at some point in time.

             last august, we wandered off to visit my family in california. 
my sister katie hopped over from kauai to join us.

the last time we went to the beach, anth refused to touch the sand. 
it was WAY too dirty.  

thankfully, we have moved on from that notion. 
the main motivation may have been the opportunity to bury his brother. 

but ben was thrilled with that, so all was good.

ben basically loved everything about the beach. 

especially the sand. 
all the sand. 

i tried to get a cute shot of all of my boys down by the water. 
and then ben did this. 

and then both of them did THIS. 

and then bern got in on the action so i just gave up and chose to embrace it. 

much better. 

until anth made this face. . . 

there we go. 

this is the only picture i have in which everyone is upright. 
you will notice anthony is not actually in the frame. 
we must choose our battles in life.

sometimes we win. 

katie introduced the boys to sand crabs. 

dear sunshine, 

i'll miss you. 
see you next year. 


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