November 18, 2014

our pup Rocky: lazy or brilliant?

i will present my case. 
you decide. . . . 

here is Rocky. 
smack dab in the middle of the stairs. 
because that is the best place to stretch out. 
this is an especially great place to be if either Bernie or Krystyne is trying to transport laundry baskets. 
it's also a great place to chew on his favorite toy. 

sadly, sometimes that toy is a tricky stinker. 
it's hard to keep one's paws on it. 

what is a pup to do when they "lose" their favorite toy?
first, we must weep and sulk a bit. 

but, eventually, we must pick up our chins. . . 
but. . . then what?
clearly, this is an unsolvable problem. 
as such, one must sit and wait for someone to walk by and give them back the irretrievable toy.   

i'm torn.
i can't quite decide if our sweet puppy is smart, lazy, or just kind of a punk. 
not in general.
but in regard to a particular matter. 

i do, also, still live with two small humans. 
who have been generating some great stories and pictures that must be shared. 
but, incorporating grad school into our lives has been an adjustment. 
an adjustment that pushed blogging straight out the window. 
winter break is just around the corner. . . 

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