November 29, 2010

mission accomplished

last night, my friend kelly was flying into Columbus and staying at my house after an 11 day stay in South Africa. 
today i dropped her off at the airport to make her way back to Wisconsin. 

in preparation for her arrival, and to thank my hubby for running to the airport on my behalf, anth and i made brownies. 
of the box variety. 
which, i swear, are more delicious to me than the ones from scratch. 

the general drill is that mommy does the measuring and anth does the pouring and stirring. 
last night, standing on his usual chair pulled up to the kitchen counter, anth glanced over at the refrigerator and abruptly stopped stirring. 
"mom, can i stop stirring? i have something to accomplish." 
i asked him what sudden mission he needed to complete, and he informed me that one of his drawings was crooked on the fridge. 
"...and i'd really like to straighten that out mom. unless you think you can accomplish that for me." 

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