December 30, 2010

don't Stop believin' - round 3

yesterday's post shared the insights that anth offered up in mid-October about what he believed to be true in this world.

here is what anth shared upon his December 14th interrogation a la mom.
(don't worry. he's used to me and my little projects. or at least that's what i tell myself.)
apparently he was in the mood to homor me, because there were more than the first few attempts...

1. i believe that babies need to take smaller bites. (no, i don't know what made him think this.)
2. i believe hockey is a really hard game.
3. i believe Christmas is about giving. (clearly from one of those TV shows...)
4. i believe that babies are messy.
5. i believe if you don't wash your hands, you will get sick. (grandma will be so proud)
6. i believe that Iron Beads (his latest craft craze) are plastic that are iron proof. (one would
7. i believe that markers has little tiny holes in their pointy parts where the ink comes out.
**i paused to ask him to share things he feels are true, not just facts.
8. i believe toots are funny.
9. and puppet shows.
10. definitely iron bead puppet shows.
11. i believe running and climbing are happy things.
12. i blieve halloween is scary.
13. i believe it's sad when someone hurts you.
14. i believe...hey mom, how do engines work? i'm curious...(exit anth to go find dad...)

...and so i knew we were done with this round of fun.

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