December 31, 2010

one more time, Sans feeling

last year, anth officially declared Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer to be his favorite holiday song.
if it came on in the car, on the radio while we were in the kitchen, in a store, you name it, the entire world had to stop in its tracks so that he could listen.
and sing along.
like, really, really loud.

so, when i received this email last year from his pre-school teachers, i have to admit i fell in love with it a little bit.
(**note- a huge thanks to Kathy and James for resending this to me this week. in my on-going quest to be Parent of the Year, i lost it.)
but, it's perfect.
why do i love this video so, you ask?
1. anthony is in it.
2. he is wearing the reindeer hat with a straight face.
3. it appears that the Rudolph next to him is shying away from the camera.
4. for his dogged determination to get through his performance despite the fact that it sounds like an army of small children are rioting in the background.
5. it is so very clear from the expression on his face that this is his "very favorite song."

so, as i tend to acknowledge December 31st as the official end of the Christmas season, here is a vocal send-off to our favorite holiday.

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