January 2, 2011

PHP 1 - they're starting younger all the time. . .

it's official. 
it is 9:37pm on Sunday, January 2nd, 2011. 
the boys are both in bed. 
bern is doing homework. 
and our holiday tour has come to a close. 
we were at my parents' house in southern california for 11 days, including Christmas. 
this did not seem like a wise thing to publicize on the internet at the time, but as i have mentioned previously, good posts to come from that trip. 
this weekend, we had Savaresemas. 
AKA, we had our Christmas exchange with bern's family in the Ohio Valley. 
because of a need to fudge our usual Savvy Christmas dates around a bit, we ended up celebrating on New Year's Day. 
which leads me to my first PHP. 
or, Post-Holiday-Post. 
and, fancy enough, it is a blend of both savarese and welch holiday fun. 
a sort of My Savvy Boys holiday summit.

i took the following photo at my mom and dad's house. 
it was actually pretty random. 
clearly, one of the adults in the house had a glass of wine. 
due to it being red, i would say it belonged to one of the women. :)
and, clearly, one of those women put the glass down. 
on the kids' table. 
probably because one of the little guys asked for something. 
and then the glass was still there when anth sat down. 
and was waiting for a snack. 
perhaps the snack that distracted said person who was formerly holding the glass. 
either way, i thought it was a funny scene when i walked up and saw this...

you see, anth tends to get a bit despondent if snack-delivery-procedures take more than approximately 32 seconds. 
because it looked as though anth was having a rough holiday season in this particular moment, i went and grabbed my phone to take a picture. 
and by the time i came around the front, anth delivered this face to seal the deal...

these photos needed to be on the blog. 
but why?
and how clearly terrible does this actually make us look? 

well, friends. 
if you would have been in a particular house having a particular New Year's Day family dinner in the Ohio Valley on the 1st, it would have looked worse. 
well, in the case above, anth didn't actually DRINK the wine. 

fast forward to the 1st. 
17 -some savarese's and their partners/children/special friends are sitting around finishing up one heck of a dinner. 
bernie's aunt suggests a toast to the new year. 
she quickly passes out some glasses for all of the appropriately aged people. 
and enough wine for each of us to toast and share something we look forward to in 2011. 
benny is sitting to my right on his dad's lap. 
and, not being included never really suits him. 
so he asks where his glass was. 
bernie makes a face of disgust and explains to him that wine is GROSS and that he wouldn't like it anyway. 
(for those who don't believe in parenting via the occasional little white lie, bern believes this sentiment to be pretty much 100% true.)
the pouring takes a little bit longer. 
i get distracted talking to the person on my left. 
until i hear a small scuttle of motion on my right and bernie correcting ben. 
i turn to see if i could help and i see perhaps the cutest look of "oops" on bern's face that i have ever seen. 
combined with a look of sheer joy on ben's face as he loudly declares, pointing to the glass of toasting wine, "i DO like it, daddy, i DO!"

this, coming from the parents that only allow our kids to drink water, milk and juice. 
and limit the juice because of the sugar content. 
and completely forbid soda in any way, shape, or form. 
silver lining? 
we no longer have to worry what shady characters are going to give benjamin his first drink. 

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