January 27, 2011

bedtime and buckeyes and brains...

oh my.

at bedtime, anthony and i were engaging in our usual post-book, pre-final-tucking-in chatter.
he asked me what causes headaches.
i momentarily wished i hadn't completed a BA in English followed by a masters in College Student Personnel.
then i started down the path of a medically sketchy explanation.
it included a brief amount of rambling on about tension and different degrees of headaches, etc.

*note: i have a bit of a compulsion to know the answers to things.
i recently spent a day going through a second round of StrengthsQuest training.
i blame my incessant need to immediately Google questions such as these on high levels of Input combined with Learner in my Top 5.
if you are a goober like me, here is more on headaches.
i also found it hilarious that there is literally a site called www.whatcausesheadaches.net.

and we're back.
so, anth and i are both lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling.
i'm babbling about headaches.
anth sees mom is going nowhere and decides to throw me a bone/end this particular topic.
he interrupted me to ask, "so, mom...are brains just kind of my own slushy computer?"

hooray for questions we can answer with complete confidence.
yes, honey.
you have a little, smushy Mac in your noggin.

and then i told him to go find his dad.
in this video.
ok, no, i didn't.
but, way to go, hubby.

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  1. Haha...I am maxed out on Input as well! Ohh StrengthsQuest. I also need to know everything in the world/own everything that ever existed in a robin's egg blue color.