January 8, 2011

delarations of indeBendence

i have made several posts regarding ben's ability to pronounce certain words, and what he is actually trying to say/request. 
today, i'm back with two more. 
mostly to protect his parents. 

Point of Clarification #1: 
should ben come up to you and insist "i want to see Pooper!"....he is referring to his favorite animated guinea pig on PBS. 
his name is Hooper.
(kid at heart? you can watch "pooper" go on an adventure here: hooper videos)

Point of Clarification #2: 
if you find that benny walks up to you with red/watery eyes and tells you, "i just toked"....
his sippy cup just sent his water/milk/juice/not wine down the wrong pipe. 
as a result, he choked. 
he was not, i insist, paying a little midnight homage to the Steve Miller Band. 

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