January 7, 2011

fail photo 18- innocent until proven guilty

yes, generally this blog pokes a bit of loving fun at the ins and outs of my little ones' days. 
tonight, i will let them off the hook and do some good old fashioned mocking of someone else for a change. 
i brought back a little gem from California just for you, my friends. 

Grandma Murphy was my mom's mom. 
most of the time, she was simply referred to as Grandma. 
and, when my sister and i were little, she had a formal portrait done of each of us for my parents. 
my sister's hangs in the living room of my parents' house. 
mine hangs at the top of the stairwell. 
clearly, my sister's was more suitable for company. 

those of you who knew me back in my i-wear-only-black high school years might find the photo funny due to the frilly-little-girl wholesomeness of the whole thing. 
i find it entertaining due to the picture's little secret that is being slowly revealed by time. 
now, it's no secret that i'm a curly girl. 
my hair has always... had a mind of its own. 
(AKA, is a hot mess that i have not come close to figuring out how to control in over three decades.)
and, apparently, it was in a rather feisty mood on the day this picture was taken. 

take a closer look. 
particularly at the background of the photo. 
one might note that there is a particularly blue area. 
this would be a result of airbrushing.
(whether at the photographer's horror or Grandma's request, i don't know.)
but, you can get a general sense of the form my curls took on that particular day. 
let's just say the curls appeared less "angelic" than the pretty clouded background required. 

Dear Anth & Benny, 
You're welcome. 


  1. I can surely relate! My hair still looks like that by the end of most days. :p

  2. awww... this picture reminds me of sleep overs with your sister!

    And I never noticed the curls haha!

    But looking at it now, it looks like there's a halo over your head. Bahahaha!