January 6, 2011

PHP 4 - Christmas is confusing (as is this post)

ben is finally at the age where he understands a bit more about Christmas traditions.
he is also at the age where he is mostly interested in the traditions that involve presents.
but, for the most part, he humored us to the best of his 2-year-old abilities.
however, during the time spent in California, it became clear that he was off a bit in his understanding of what, exactly, was happening around him.
as of December 2010, these were a few things my littlest man believed to be true about the world around him:

1. the large inflatable lawn-ornament Santa Claus down the street from us was, in fact, holding a large and particularly tasking looking sprinkled donut. Not, actually, a wreath with red bows.
2. the large inflatable snowman a few houses down from Santa was "cweaning the lawn wif his twumpet." clearly, not holding a broom.
3. every gift that my sister sent that included fabric (jammies, a scarf, and a shirt...all for various people), were officially declared to be "underpants." (*note: neither bernie nor I use the word "underpants" so whoever taught him this, thanks. it was quite entertaining.)
4. he could not fall asleep at night because the pillows were too "blumpy."

some of these earlier incidents spurred a conversation while we were randomly watching the CMA holiday show. this conversation evolved into the wide world of misinterpreted song lyrics. Bernie shared that when he was younger, he had always been confused by God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman. He felt that, normally, Santa was painted as a relatively good guy, so he didn't understand why Christ was sent here to save us from his power. Or what, exactly, Santa had so much power over that we needed saving. This concluded with my favorite lyrical mix-up of the night, which was my mom sharing that she had thought that the 1961 hit Poetry in Motion was actually Oh, a Tree in Motion. This was my favorite for several reasons. They include, but are not limited to, the following ...

1. i had never heard of this song, so i had to look it up on YouTube (the song)
2. i realized that over 150,000 people had also looked up this particular song, and i wondered why, and if there was mass confusion regarding what was in motion
3. i then wondered what the song was about so i looked that up as well
4. wikipedia informed me that "the inspiration for it came from [the writers] looking up from their work and seeing a procession of young ladies from a nearby school pass by on the sidewalk outside each afternoon."
5. i then went back to listen to the lyrics and realized that my mom must have thought that this guy REALLY liked this particular tree.
6. then i realized that i utlitize Wikipedia far too often and that i'm more of a nerd than i thought.
7. i love you, mom. you win.
8. yes, i am aware that this post is a mess, and that it is really two different topics. and that this list no longer ties back into the prompt.
9. but, hey, i kind of like it that way. and i'm tired.
10. and i have a really good friend who likes lists to make it to an even 10, so here you go, lady. Roll along...:)


  1. I think we should blame my dad for the "underpants" usage?

    And . . . Yay lists! (I almost made one here, but might not have that obnoxious ablitity at this moment.)

    :) Also? 8 and 9 might have made me laugh the most.

  2. OMG - I love the song Poetry in Motion! I can't believe you had never heard it. Fortunately for me, I never misheard the lyrics to that particular song :D

  3. roll along! :) thanks for thinking of that ;)